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Questions about Using MXNet

If you need help with using MXNet, have questions about applying it to a particular kind of problem, or have a discussion topic, please use our forum.

File a bug report

Please let us know if you experienced a problem with MXNet and file a bug report. Open MXNet’s JIRA and click on the blue Create button at the top. Please give detailed information about the problem you encountered and, if possible, add a description that helps to reproduce the problem.

Issues may also be entered on github: mxnet/issues. Github issues are synced to JIRA periodically. Thank you very much.

Propose an improvement or a new feature

Our community is constantly looking for feedback to improve Apache MXNet. If you have an idea how to improve MXNet or have a new feature in mind that would be beneficial for MXNet users, please open an issue in MXNet’s JIRA. The improvement or new feature should be described in appropriate detail and include the scope and its requirements if possible. Detailed information is important for a few reasons:

  • It ensures your requirements are met when the improvement or feature is implemented.
  • It helps to estimate the effort and to design a solution that addresses your needs.
  • It allows for constructive discussions that might arise around this issue.

Detailed information is also required, if you plan to contribute the improvement or feature you proposed yourself. Please read the contributions guide in this case as well.


MXNet has been developed and is used by a group of active community members. Contribute to improving it! For more information, see contributions.

Please join the contributor mailing list. [subscribe] archive

To join the MXNet slack channel send request to the contributor mailing list. [subscribe] archive


MXNet is evolving fast. To see what’s next and what we are working on internally, go to the MXNet Roadmap.

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