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mkldnn_status_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_concat_primitive_desc_create (mkldnn_primitive_desc_t *concat_primitive_desc, const mkldnn_memory_desc_t *output_desc, int n, int concat_dimension, const_mkldnn_primitive_desc_t *input_pds)

Detailed Description

A primitive to concatenate data by arbitrary dimension.

Function Documentation

mkldnn_status_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_concat_primitive_desc_create ( mkldnn_primitive_desc_t concat_primitive_desc,
const mkldnn_memory_desc_t output_desc,
int  n,
int  concat_dimension,
const_mkldnn_primitive_desc_t input_pds 

Creates out-of-place concat_primitive_desc for concatenation of n inputs by concat_dimension with resulting output_desc memory descriptor. output_desc can be NULL or specified with the mkldnn_any format – in this case, the appropriate memory format would be chosen automatically.

Order of inputs:

Order of outputs: