Engine operations
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size_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_engine_get_count (mkldnn_engine_kind_t kind)
mkldnn_status_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_engine_create (mkldnn_engine_t *engine, mkldnn_engine_kind_t kind, size_t index)
mkldnn_status_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_engine_get_kind (mkldnn_engine_t engine, mkldnn_engine_kind_t *kind)
mkldnn_status_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_engine_destroy (mkldnn_engine_t engine)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

mkldnn_status_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_engine_create ( mkldnn_engine_t engine,
mkldnn_engine_kind_t  kind,
size_t  index 

Creates an engine of particular kind and index.

mkldnn_status_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_engine_destroy ( mkldnn_engine_t  engine)

Destroys an engine.

size_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_engine_get_count ( mkldnn_engine_kind_t  kind)

Returns the number of engines of a particular kind.

mkldnn_status_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_engine_get_kind ( mkldnn_engine_t  engine,
mkldnn_engine_kind_t kind 

Returns the kind of an engine.