Service functions
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mkldnn_status_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_set_verbose (int level)
mkldnn_status_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_set_jit_dump (int dump)
const mkldnn_version_t MKLDNN_APImkldnn_version ()

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mkldnn_status_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_set_jit_dump ( int  dump)

Sets jit dump control. dump equals:

  • zero – turn jit dump off (default)
  • non-zero – turn jit dump on
This setting overrides the MKLDNN_JIT_DUMP environment variable.
mkldnn_status_t MKLDNN_API mkldnn_set_verbose ( int  level)

Sets verbosity level (print information to stdout). Possible levels are:

  • 0 – no verbose output (default)
  • 1 – primitive information at execution
  • 2 – primitive information at creation and execution
Dumping information might affect performance. This setting overrides the MKLDNN_VERBOSE environment variable.
const mkldnn_version_t MKLDNN_API* mkldnn_version ( )

Gets library version information. Version information includes:

  • major – major version number
  • minor – minor version number
  • patch – patch release number
  • hash – git commit hash