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op_suppl.h File Reference

A supplement and amendment of the operators from op.h. More...

#include <cassert>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "mxnet-cpp/base.h"
#include "mxnet-cpp/shape.h"
#include "mxnet-cpp/operator.h"
#include "mxnet-cpp/MxNetCpp.h"
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 namespace of mxnet


Symbol mxnet::cpp::_Plus (Symbol lhs, Symbol rhs)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_Mul (Symbol lhs, Symbol rhs)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_Minus (Symbol lhs, Symbol rhs)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_Div (Symbol lhs, Symbol rhs)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_Mod (Symbol lhs, Symbol rhs)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_Power (Symbol lhs, Symbol rhs)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_Maximum (Symbol lhs, Symbol rhs)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_Minimum (Symbol lhs, Symbol rhs)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_PlusScalar (Symbol lhs, mx_float scalar)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_MinusScalar (Symbol lhs, mx_float scalar)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_RMinusScalar (mx_float scalar, Symbol rhs)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_MulScalar (Symbol lhs, mx_float scalar)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_DivScalar (Symbol lhs, mx_float scalar)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_RDivScalar (mx_float scalar, Symbol rhs)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_ModScalar (Symbol lhs, mx_float scalar)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_RModScalar (mx_float scalar, Symbol rhs)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_PowerScalar (Symbol lhs, mx_float scalar)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_RPowerScalar (mx_float scalar, Symbol rhs)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_MaximumScalar (Symbol lhs, mx_float scalar)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::_MinimumScalar (Symbol lhs, mx_float scalar)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::Crop (const std::string &symbol_name, int num_args, Symbol data, Symbol crop_like, Shape offset=Shape(0, 0), Shape h_w=Shape(0, 0), bool center_crop=false)
Symbol mxnet::cpp::Activation (const std::string &symbol_name, Symbol data, const std::string &act_type)
 Apply activation function to input. Softmax Activation is only available with CUDNN on GPUand will be computed at each location across channel if input is 4D. More...

Detailed Description

A supplement and amendment of the operators from op.h.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Contributors

Zhang Chen, zhubuntu, Xin Li