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mxnet: mkldnn_blocking_desc_t Struct Reference
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mkldnn_blocking_desc_t Struct Reference

#include <mkldnn_types.h>

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Public Attributes

mkldnn_dims_t block_dims
mkldnn_strides_t strides [2]
mkldnn_dims_t padding_dims
mkldnn_dims_t offset_padding_to_data
ptrdiff_t offset_padding

Detailed Description

Generic description of blocked data layout for most memory formats.

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mkldnn_dims_t mkldnn_blocking_desc_t::block_dims

Block size for each of the dimensions.

ptrdiff_t mkldnn_blocking_desc_t::offset_padding

Offset from memory origin to the current block, non-zero only in a description of a memory sub-block.

mkldnn_dims_t mkldnn_blocking_desc_t::offset_padding_to_data

Per-dimension offset from the padding to actual data, the top-level tensor with offsets applied must lie within the padding area.

mkldnn_dims_t mkldnn_blocking_desc_t::padding_dims

Size of the data including padding in each dimension.

mkldnn_strides_t mkldnn_blocking_desc_t::strides[2]

strides[0]: stride between the first elements of adjacent blocks.
strides[1]: strides between elements in the same block.

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