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mxnet: mkldnn_rnn_cell_desc_t Struct Reference
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mkldnn_rnn_cell_desc_t Struct Reference

#include <mkldnn_types.h>

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Public Attributes

mkldnn_alg_kind_t cell_kind
mkldnn_alg_kind_t activation_kind
unsigned int flags
float alpha
float clipping

Member Data Documentation

mkldnn_alg_kind_t mkldnn_rnn_cell_desc_t::activation_kind

Activation function used. Must be either mkldnn_eltwise_relu or mkldnn_eltwise_tanh.

float mkldnn_rnn_cell_desc_t::alpha

alpha is a negative slope parameter (used only if (flags & mkldnn_rnn_cell_with_relu) != 0)

mkldnn_alg_kind_t mkldnn_rnn_cell_desc_t::cell_kind
float mkldnn_rnn_cell_desc_t::clipping

clipping parameter (used only if (flags & mkldnn_rnn_cell_with_clipping) != 0)

unsigned int mkldnn_rnn_cell_desc_t::flags

RNN cell flags

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