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mxnet: include/mxnet/tuple.h File Reference
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tuple.h File Reference

Data structure Tuple and TShape to store dynamic sized shapes. More...

#include <vector>
#include <type_traits>
#include <algorithm>
#include <utility>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include "nnvm/op_attr_types.h"
#include "nnvm/graph_attr_types.h"
#include "nnvm/graph.h"
#include "nnvm/pass.h"
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class  mxnet::Tuple< ValueType >
 A dynamic sized array data structure that is optimized for storing small number of elements with same type. More...
class  mxnet::TShape
 A Shape class that is used to represent shape of each tensor. More...
struct  std::hash< mxnet::Tuple< T > >
 hash function for Tuple. More...
struct  std::hash< mxnet::TShape >
 hash function for TShape. More...
struct  dmlc::type_name_helper< mxnet::Tuple< T > >


 namespace of mxnet


using mxnet::ShapeVector = std::vector< mxnet::TShape >
 The result holder of shape of each NodeEntry in the graph. More...
using mxnet::FInferShape = nnvm::FInferNodeEntryAttr< mxnet::TShape >
 Shape inference function. Update the shapes given the input shape information. TShape.ndim() == -1 means the shape is still unknown. More...


bool mxnet::ndim_is_known (const int ndim)
bool mxnet::dim_size_is_known (const dim_t dim_size)
bool mxnet::ndim_is_known (const TShape &x)
bool mxnet::dim_size_is_known (const TShape &x, const int idx)
bool mxnet::shape_is_known (const TShape &x)
template<typename SrcIter , typename DstIter >
DstIter mxnet::ShapeTypeCast (const SrcIter begin, const SrcIter end, DstIter dst_begin)
 helper function to cast type of container elements More...
template<typename SrcIter >
TShape mxnet::ShapeTypeCast (const SrcIter begin, const SrcIter end)
 helper function to transform a container to TShape with type cast More...
 dmlc::DMLC_DECLARE_TYPE_NAME (optional< mxnet::TShape >,"Shape or None")
 description for optional TShape More...
 dmlc::DMLC_DECLARE_TYPE_NAME (optional< mxnet::Tuple< int >>,"Shape or None")

Detailed Description

Data structure Tuple and TShape to store dynamic sized shapes.

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