(plot-network sym shape-map {:keys [title node-attrs hide-weights], :as opts, :or {title "plot", hide-weights true}})(plot-network sym shape-map)
convert symbol to Dot object for visualization
-  symbol symbol to be visualized
-  title title of the dot graph
-  shape-map Map of shapes, str -> shape, given input shapes
- node-attrs Map of node's attributes
               for example: {:shape "oval" :fixedsize "false"}

- hide-weight      if true (default) then inputs with names like `*_weight`
               or `*_bias` will be hidden
returns Dot object of symbol


(render dot engine format filename path)(render dot filename path)
 Render file with Graphviz engine into format.
- dot the dot file from plot-network function
- engine The layout commmand used for rendering ('dot', 'neato', ...).
- format The output format used for rendering ('pdf', 'png', ...).
- filename Name of the DOT source file to render.
-  path Path to save the Dot source file.