Getting started

A 60-minute Gluon crash course../../getting-started/crash-course/index.html

Six 10-minute tutorials covering the core concepts of MXNet using the Gluon API.

Gluon - Neural network building blocksblocks/nn.html

An introduction to defining and training neural networks with Gluon.

Gluon: from experiment to deployment../../getting-started/gluon_from_experiment_to_deployment.html

An end to end tutorial on working with the MXNet Gluon API.

Custom Layers for Beginnersblocks/custom_layer_beginners.html

A guide to implementing custom layers for beginners.

Logistic regression using Gluon API explained../../getting-started/logistic_regression_explained.html

Implementing logistic regression using the Gluon API.

Saving and Loading Gluon Modelsblocks/save_load_params.html

Saving and loading trained models.

Using pre-trained models in MXNetimage/pretrained_models.html

Using pre-trained models with Apache MXNet.


Data Augmentationdata/data_augmentation.html

A guide to data augmentation.

Image Augmentationimage/image-augmentation.html

Boost your training dataset with image augmentation.

Gluon Datasets and DataLoaderdata/datasets.html

A guide to loading data using the Gluon API.

NDArray - Scientific computing on CPU and GPU../ndarray/index.html

A guide to the NDArray data structure.


Neural Networksblocks/nn.html

How to use Layers and Blocks.

Normalization Blocksdata/normalization/normalization.html

Understand usage of normalization layers (such as BatchNorm).

Activation Blocksblocks/activations/activations.html

Understand usage of activation layers (such as ReLU).

Loss Functionsloss/loss.html

How to use loss functions for predicting outputs.

Initializing Parametersblocks/init.html

How to use the init function.

Parameter Managementblocks/parameters.html

How to manage parameters.

Fit API Tutorialtraining/fit_api_tutorial.html

How to use the fit API

Learning Rate Findertraining/learning_rates/learning_rate_finder.html

How to use the Learning Rate Finder to find a good learning rate.

Learning Rate Schedulestraining/learning_rates/learning_rate_schedules.html

How to schedule Learning Rate change over time.


How to update neural network parameters using an optimization method.

Autograd API../autograd/index.html

How to use Automatic Differentiation with the Autograd API.

Advanced Topics


Best practices for the naming of things.

Custom Layersblocks/custom-layer.html

A guide to implementing custom layers.

Custom Operators../../extend/customop.html

Building custom operators with numpy.

Custom Lossloss/

A guide to implementing custom losses.

Gotchas using NumPy in Apache MXNet../ndarray/

Common misconceptions when using NumPy in Apache MXNet.


Speed up training with hybrid networks.

Learning Rate Schedules (Advanced)training/learning_rates/learning_rate_schedules_advanced.html

How to schedule Learning Rate change over time (advanced)

Applications Topics

Image Tutorialsimage/index.html

How to create deep learning models for images.

Text Tutorialstext/index.html

How to create deep learning models for text.