This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
mxnet: include/mxnet Directory Reference
mxnet Directory Reference


file  base.h [code]
file  c_api.h [code]
 C API of mxnet.
file  c_predict_api.h [code]
 C predict API of mxnet, contains a minimum API to run prediction. This file is self-contained, and do not dependent on any other files.
file  engine.h [code]
 Engine that schedules all the operations according to dependency.
file  executor.h [code]
file  graph_attr_types.h [code]
 Data structures that can appear in graph attributes.
file  imperative.h [code]
file  io.h [code]
file  kvstore.h [code]
file  ndarray.h [code]
file  op_attr_types.h [code]
 Additional operator attributes beside the ones provided by NNVM.
file  operator.h [code]
file  operator_util.h [code]
 Utility functions and registries to help quickly build new operators. [Deprecated] Use the register functions in this file when possible to simplify operator creations. Operators registered in this file will be exposed to both NDArray API and symbolic API.
file  resource.h [code]
 Global resource allocation handling.
file  rtc.h [code]
file  storage.h [code]
 Storage manager across multiple devices.
file  tensor_blob.h [code]
 TBlob class that holds common representation of arbirary dimension tensor, can be used to transformed to normal fixed dimenson tensor.