Contributing to MXNet

Apache MXNet (incubating) is a community-led open-source deep learning project. We welcome new members and look forward to your contributions. Here you will find how to stay connected with the MXNet community, get started to contribute, and best practices and processes in MXNet.

Stay Connected

In MXNet, we have the following communication channels.

Channel Purpose
Follow MXNet Development on Github See what’s going on in the MXNet project.
Check out the MXNet Confluence Wiki MXNet developer wiki for information related to project development, maintained by contributors and developers. To request write access, send an email to send request to the dev list . mailing list The “dev list”. Discussions about the development of MXNet. To subscribe, send an email to . Asking & answering MXNet usage questions.
Apache Slack #mxnet Channel Connect with MXNet and other Apache developers. To join the MXNet slack channel send request to the dev list .
Follow MXNet on Social Media Get updates about new features and events.

Social Media

Keep connected with the latest MXNet news and updates.

Apache MXNet on Twitter

Contributor and user blogs about MXNet

reddit Discuss MXNet on r/mxnet

Apache MXNet YouTube channel

Apache MXNet on LinkedIn

Start Contributing

We value all forms of contributions, including, but not limited to:

  • Code reviewing of the existing patches.
  • Documentation and usage examples
  • Community participation in forums and issues.
  • Code readability and developer guide
    • We welcome contributions that add code comments to improve readability
    • We also welcome contributions to docs to explain the design choices of the internal.
  • Test cases to make the codebase more robust.
  • Tutorials, blog posts, talks that promote the project.
  • Examples for deep learning applications.

Contribution Guides

RFC Process

Any new features of improvements that are non-trivial should follow the RFC process:

  1. Create an RFC issue on GitHub: RFC issues will notify MXNet developer community through all channels, including dev@ list and Slack.
  2. Create the PR on GitHub and mention the RFC issue in description.

Github Issues

Apache MXNet uses Github issues to track feature requests and bug reports. Open a Github issue .

We also use Github projects for tracking larger projects, and Github milestones for tracking releases.

The process for setting up MXNet for development depends on several factors, and is constantly being improved and expanded for more development languages. Setup information is on the MXNet Confluence Wiki.


MXNet has been developed by and is used by a group of active community members. Contribute to improving it!

Contributors and Committers