The documents in this unit dive into the details how each MXNet module works.

High Level APIs


MXNet’s imperative interface for Python. If you’re new to MXNet, start here!

Shared APIs

NDArray APIndarray/index.html

How to use the NDArray API to manipulate data. A useful set of tutorials for beginners.

Symbol APIsymbol/index.html

How to use MXNet’s Symbol API.

Autograd APIautograd/autograd.html

How to use Automatic Differentiation with the Autograd API.

KVStore APIkvstore/index.html

How to use the KVStore API for distributed training.

Data APIsdata/index.html

How to use MXNet’s data APIs.


How to use MXNet’s visualization features.


How to use Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) with MXNet.


How to use the optimizers.