Broadcasts the input array to a new shape.

Broadcasting is a mechanism that allows NDArrays to perform arithmetic operations with arrays of different shapes efficiently without creating multiple copies of arrays. Also see, Broadcasting for more explanation.

Broadcasting is allowed on axes with size 1, such as from (2,1,3,1) to (2,8,3,9). Elements will be duplicated on the broadcasted axes.

For example:

broadcast_to([[1,2,3]], shape=(2,3)) = [[ 1.,  2.,  3.],
[ 1.,  2.,  3.]])

The dimension which you do not want to change can also be kept as `0` which means copy the original value.
So with `shape=(2,0)`, we will obtain the same result as in the above example.






The input


Shape(tuple), optional, default=[].

The shape of the desired array. We can set the dim to zero if it’s same as the original. E.g A = broadcast_to(B, shape=(10, 0, 0)) has the same meaning as A = broadcast_axis(B, axis=0, size=10).