minimum(x1, x2, out=None, **kwargs)

Returns element-wise minimum of the input arrays with broadcasting.


x2 (x1,) – The arrays holding the elements to be compared. They must have the same shape, or shapes that can be broadcast to a single shape.


out – The minimum of x1 and x2, element-wise. This is a scalar if both x1 and x2 are scalars.

Return type

mxnet.numpy.ndarray or scalar


>>> np.minimum(np.array([2, 3, 4]), np.array([1, 5, 2]))
array([1., 3., 2.])
>>> np.minimum(np.eye(2), np.array([0.5, 2])) # broadcasting
array([[0.5, 0. ],
       [0. , 1. ]])