Python Tutorials

Getting started

A 60-minute Gluon crash coursegetting-started/crash-course/index.html

A quick overview of the core concepts of MXNet using the Gluon API.

Moving from other frameworksgetting-started/to-mxnet/index.html

Guides that ease your transition to MXNet from other framework.

Packages & Modules


MXNet’s imperative interface for Python. If you’re new to MXNet, start here!

NP and NPXpackages/np/index.html

This section contains the and mxnet.npx usage hints.

Autograd API/api/python/docs/tutorials/packages/autograd/index.html

How to use Automatic Differentiation with the Autograd API.


Improving Performanceperformance/index.html

How to get the best performance from MXNet.


How to profile MXNet models.

Compression: int8performance/compression/int8.html

How to use int8 in your model to boost training speed.


How to get the most from your CPU by using oneDNN.


How to use TVM to boost performance.


MXNet on EC2deploy/run-on-aws/use_ec2.html

How to deploy MXNet on an Amazon EC2 instance.

MXNet on SageMakerdeploy/run-on-aws/use_sagemaker.html

How to run MXNet using Amazon SageMaker.


Coming Soon (CustomOps and Custom Operators)

Next steps